• BIM_SIG_028 Special Interest Group August 2013

    Users in this session wanted to look at how to control the attributes of the objects the drawing. The short answer is  that you have to use the Attributes palette. But there are several options on the Attributes palette, which you have to understand in order to use it effectively.  If you…

  • Landmark_SIG_029 Special Interest Group June 2013

    In this session we looked at creating a hatch, tiling, applying the hatch and tile to a hardscape, using a stir as a site modifier and the resources for leaning how to control stairs.  

  • BIM_SIG_020 Special Interest Group April 2013

    In this session we started to look at how to control 2D graphics on elevations. This session followed on from the recent epodcast that looked at the ability to use the 2D graphics from the classes to give the elevations hatching it would be live to the 3-D model.

  • epodcast176 – Unshaded Polygon Rendering for Elevations

    For a long time we wanted to have the ability to automatically hatch our elevations. There are several workarounds, but no one had yet figured out away to make the hatching on our are elevations automatic.

  • cadmovie853 – What’s New in Vectorworks 2013 – Part 3

    Custom Line Types – Some people have complained that Vectorworks does not have enough choice over line styles. The new custom line styles in Vectorworks 2013 will allow you to create your own line styles with graphics or text as part of the line.

  • Graphics – Part 15

    Creating Tiles – When you create a tile, you draw the object that you want to repeat, and you can see how it relates to the rest of the tile.

  • Graphics – Part 14

    Applying Tiles – Use the Resource Browser or the Attributes Palette to apply tiles.

  • Graphics – Part 13

    Tiles – A Tile is a repeatable graphic, like a hatch. But, it is much more graphic than a hatch, and easier to edit.

  • Graphics – Part 12

    Object Opacity – Object opacity is the ability to make an object transparent. For an elevation like this we could draw shadows for the building and make them transparent.

  • Graphics – Part 11

    Attribute/Mapping tool. – This is the tool you use to change the position and scaling of images and gradients.