• Graphics – Part 10

    Creating Gradients – If you do not like the gradients that come with Vectorworks, make your own, they are easy enough to make.

  • Graphics – Part 9

    Applying Gradients – Use the Resource Browser or the Attributes Palette to apply gradients.

  • Graphics – Part 8

    Gradients – Gradients are a great way of adding  colour fill where you want the colour to change from one colour to another (or several colours).

  • Graphics – Part 7

    Creating Images – You can use any image on your computer to create Vectorworks images.

  • Graphics – Part 6

    Applying Images – The Resource Browser can be used to apply images, and you can use the Attributes Palette to apply images.

  • Graphics – Part 5

    Images – Images are a great way of applying a graphic image to your drawings.

  • Graphics – Part 4

    Creating Hatches – When you want a hatch that is not in the library, you need to learn to create your own hatches.

  • Graphics – Part 3

    Applying Hatches – You can use the Resource Browser to find a hatch and then either double click on the hatch in the Resource Browser or drag the hatch to the object.

  • Graphics – Part 2

    Hatches – Hatches are a series of lines that represent a material. This could be a series of lines that looks like brick, or tiles.

  • Graphics – Part 1

    Graphic Attributes – How to apply graphic attributes, such as line weight, hatching, image fills and graphic symbols to a drawing.

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