BIM_SIG_028 Special Interest Group August 2013

Users in this session wanted to look at how to control the attributes of the objects the drawing. The short answer is  that you have to use the Attributes palette. But there are several options on the Attributes palette, which you have to understand in order to use it effectively.  If you learn how to take control of the attributes palette and the class settings, you can speed up your drawing enormously.

Topics covered:

  • Setting the default attributes (the current attributes on the Attributes palette)
  • using the Utility menu on the Attributes palette
  • setting the Default Attributes using the Utility menu
  • the Attributes palette has default attributes and current attributes
  • using class attributes with the Attributes palette (Use At Creation)
  • importing classes that already have the class attribute set
  • Make All Attributes By Class option on the Attributes palette
  • Remove By Class Settings option on the Attributes palette
  • Creating classes that control the graphic style of objects on that class (Use At Creation)
  • classes for drawing details
  • creating classes to control line weights for details
  • using the class attributes when you create floor joists
  • using class attributes for the roof
  • using classes with stairs, setting the classes on the Graphic Attributes tab
  • using class overrides in viewports
  • Invert selection
  • adding invert selection to your contextual menu
  • editing viewport class properties, use embedded design layer viewport settings, and how this works with the actual design layer viewport
  •  using class overrides in a sheet layer viewport to edit the graphic qualities of classes,  changing the look of your information
  • what are the @Fonts?  these fonts seem to be for languages that write vertically

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