• Architect Special Interest Group March 2018 (am)

    In this session, we discussed challenges with uploading to the Cloud Services Portal, covered quick line weight and hatching methods to make drawings more readable, and talked about coordination issues with title blocks.

  • cadmovie_1610-15 – What’s New In Vectorworks 2017 – Part 15

    Internal Elevations – This command will create internal room elevations, put them on a sheet layer for you, and create an elevation marker on the design layer that is linked to the viewports. And it is all editable.

  • BIM_SIG_020 Special Interest Group April 2013

    In this session we started to look at how to control 2D graphics on elevations. This session followed on from the recent epodcast that looked at the ability to use the 2D graphics from the classes to give the elevations hatching it would be live to the 3-D model.

  • epodcast176 – Unshaded Polygon Rendering for Elevations

    For a long time we wanted to have the ability to automatically hatch our elevations. There are several workarounds, but no one had yet figured out away to make the hatching on our are elevations automatic.

  • epodcast171 – Tidying up Elevations

    I had a client call today, he was having trouble tidying up the elevations of a house. He knows how to use most of the tools, but he was not just the tools in the right order to get a fast result.

  • Using Colors for Line Weight in Vectorworks

    I have just had a call from a client about using classes in Vectorworks to control line weight. When users come from AutoCAD, ¬†they are often used to using Color by Layer. This allows the user to see the line weights of the lines on the drawings by the color…

  • Should you draw Elevations in 2D or 3D?

    This month the online user group is looking at creating drawings. When we get to the part about drawing elevations and sections, there is a lot of discussion about whether you should use the 3D model, or use 2D drawings for the elevations. 

  • Dimensioning In Viewports

    I have a client that is having trouble with dimensioning an elevation. The view needs to be and elevation of some joinery. The easy way to dimension this is to use sheet layers and viewports.  The plan viewport is easy to deal with. Put the dimensions in the design layer,…