• Interactive Workshops January 2017 – Resource Manager

    The Resource Manager is an extremely important part of your Vectorworks interface. It allows you to look for resources (hatches, line styles, wall styles, plants,  et cetera). So it’s important that we understand how to use it because it is will make you more efficient and improve your productivity. The…

  • SST_1303 Vectorworks Service Select

    Vectorworks introduced this service a few years ago. The aim of this service is to provide an upgrade each year, a video library, library objects and so on.

  • CX – A New Cloud Storage System

    I have just seen this new cloud storage system called CX. This is a system that lets you store your files on line (like Dropbox and iCloud and Google Drive). With so many options, what will CX do for you?

  • Landmark_SIG_019 Special Interest Group January 2013

    Like the other session this month, this session focused on creating and storing plants. this session also had time to look at storing plants in the default content and in the Resource Browser.

  • BIM_SIG_016 Special Interest Group January 2013

    In the session we talked about creating template files. When you create a template it is tempting to put everything in the template that you think you will need. Unfortunately, this creates a very heavy template file with lots of textures, hatches, line types, and symbols that you might never…

  • Keeping your PayPal up to date

    It is common to change your email address or credit card, but this can have an effect on your subscription. I often get clients that find themselves changing their credit card, but then they find that their subscription gets cancelled, but that is not what they wanted. Here is the…

  • Introduction to BIM- Drawing Walls – Part 12

    Exporting Wall Styles To The Wall Style Library – Save your walls styles to the wall style library, then you can use them on every project.

  • Introduction to BIM- Document Setup – Part 9

    Creating a Layer and Class Standard – The layer and class stand is really useful, this movie shows where to store the Layer and Class standard.