SST_1303 Vectorworks Service Select

Vectorworks introduced this service a few years ago. The aim of this service is to provide an upgrade each year, a video library, library objects and so on.

I often get asked if this service is worth it, so this month we are looking at the value that you can get form this service. The service is not available everywhere, but is available in most of the countries where Vectorworks is sold.
I think that VSS is well worth the price if you upgrade Vectorworks each year, in fact it is the cheapest way to upgrade your Vectorworks. If you upgrade every two years, then VSS is still worth the price.
This manual looks at the services that VSS offers.
Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Free Product Updates
  • Access to Libraries, Textures, and So On
  • Vectorworks Cloud Services
    • Desktop Software
    • Phone and Tablet Software
  • On-Demand Learning
    • Tips and TricksĀ 
    • Tutorials
    • Vectorworks 101’s – basic concepts for beginners
    • Webinars On Demand

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