SST_1206 Referencing

Referencing in Vectorworks is the ability to link your current Vectorworks file to an image, PDF, or another Vectorworks file.

[ms-protect-content id=”34491,34492,34493, 34494, 34495, 34496, 344927″]What makes this so special is that when you update the original file (image, PDF, or Vectorworks drawing) you can then update the link file. The referencing concept allows you to divide your work with other people to speed up the drawing process. This manual will cover the basic concepts of referencing image files, PDFs, and the techniques for referencing Vectorworks files.

You can read it here:


  • Introduction to Referencing
    • Referencing Layers
    • Things To Watch out for – Symbols
    • Things To Watch out for – Circular References
    • Reference Options – Design Layer Viewport or Layer?
    • ¬†Absolute Path/Relative Path
  • Referencing Image Files
  • Referencing PDF Files
  • Referencing Three Buildings onto One Site
  • Referencing 1 – Large Building
    • Site Plan
    • Base Plan
    • Ceilings and Floor Finishes
    • Sections and Elevations
    • Printing
  • Landscape Drawing


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