Keeping your PayPal up to date

It is common to change your email address or credit card, but this can have an effect on your subscription. I often get clients that find themselves changing their credit card, but then they find that their subscription gets cancelled, but that is not what they wanted. Here is the solution…

If you are in USA, its easy to phone Paypal and get them to talk you though the steps you have to go through.

  1. Log into your paypal account.
  2. Click onto Profile > Add/Edit Credit Card.
  3. Edit your credit card settings.

There are two parts though. Adding you new credit card isthe first part, then you have to go to the subscriptions part of your account and tell paypal which credit card you want the subscription to be applied to.
You can also change your email address for paypal. So if you have an issue with your ISP and need to change your email address, log in to paypal, edit your profile and change your email address.
While we are talking about that, dont forget to log onto your profiel on this site and update your email address.

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