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Register for Online Webinars

Online Webinars

Use this calendar to join the online sessions. The link is in the description

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Special Interest Groups

Landscape special interest Group

Vectorworks Landmark is a Building Information Modeling (BIM) package (2D, 3D, and information) for landscape architects, landscape designers, architects, and contractors. The topic depends on the attendees. We will discuss the topics that are troubling attendees and choose the most important topics. If you want your topics covered, you must attend and tell us what you want help with.

Special Interest Group – Getting Started

It is fair to say that these sessions are for beginners, but they are more than that. These sessions are for fundamental concepts. We often get experienced users at these sessions because they want to ensure they are using Vectorworks correctly. We look at your issues and drill down to the basics to ensure that users are effective.

Special Interest Group – 3D Modeling

3D work is really fun, but it might be confusing how to get started. The special interest group this to help you understand how to get started with 3D modeling. Depending on the users that attend, We could be looking at simple 3D modeling, or we could be looking at complex objects and how to create them. Remember that if you want to guide the conversation, or if you want questions answered, you must attend.

Special Interest Group – Architect

Vectorworks Architect is a Building Information Modeling (BIM) package (2D, 3D, and information) for architects, interior designers, engineers, residential and commercial designers, and contractors. The topics depend on the attendees. We will discuss the topics that are troubling attendees and choose the most important topics. Attend to have your topics covered.

We record the webinars, so if you register to join a webinar you are giving approval to be recorded and have the movie posted online.

archoncad holds two types of monthly webinars:


Both types of webinars are recorded and available to Archoncad subscribers after they occur. However, the best way to learn Vectorworks and have your questions answered is to attend the live sessions.

INTERACTIVE WORKSHOPS explore a specific predetermined topic (i.e. Outdoor Lighting). Each month’s topic is set prior to the webinar and an online manual is available to guide the session. Each topic will start out assuming that you know nothing about the topic, so the basic concepts will be covered. The workshop will then move into the move advanced parts of the topic.

SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS are about an aspect of Vectorworks (i.e. 3D modeling) that is important to your profession. The actual items discussed are proposed by the attendees. If you have questions you would like answered on this aspect, this is the place to bring them. If you want your topics covered, you must attend. Except for the Getting Started group, you should expect to see intermediate and advanced topics being covered. If you are new to Vectorworks then you should be attending the Getting Started sessions until you are more proficient.

We record the webinars and post them online, which means that you come back later and watch any webinars that you have missed. We aim to keep the webinars from the last two years here.

When you join webinar, it is best to use a USB headset with a mic so that all the background noise is minimised. If you have a lot of background noise it might be best to keep yourself on mute.

What you need to know about attending the online workshops:

First, you have to register for an online session. Scroll down the page to find all the sessions and click on a link to Book for a Session.

When you register for a session, use the link: Show in my Time Zone. This will change the registration page and all subsequent emails to your time zone. The reminder emails have a link to add the session to your calendar, these will also be in your time zone.

What do you need to join a session?

  1. High-Speed Internet. We use GoToWebinar (a small bit of software that you will have to download, it’s free) to run these sessions over the Internet. So, you will need a high-speed Internet connection and a high-speed computer network. I have noticed that clients on a wireless network have a lesser experience, so try connecting directly to your computer network.
  2. Mic and Headset Because we talk to each other, a head set with a microphone is important. Try to find an easy to use USB headset and mic, this will make it better for you and others (you will create less feedback, echos and background noise). Here is the headset I use…

All sessions will be recorded and posted online. Registering for these sessions confirms your agreement to be recorded.

Updated on March 26, 2024

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