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SST_1810 – What’s New in Vectorworks 2019

Each year, Vectorworks releases its new version. It usually has a huge number of new or improved features, and this year is no different. It can be difficult to separate features from benefits. Just because it is a new feature, it does not mean that you will find it useful. In this manual, we will be looking at the most important features and how they will benefit you.

Following along from other years, there is a table that shows the needs, the features and the benefits of the new Vectorworks version. As in previous years, I will not be detailing every improvement, just the essential ones.

It is typical for Vectorworks to introduce a multitude of small updates that will really speed your workflow. These small updates might not be one of the major features listed below, but they can still dramatically improve your productivity.

The other manuals this year have contained beginner, intermediate, and advanced sections. This strategy doesn’t work very well in covering these improvements, so the manual will follow the sections listed in the table.

Basic productivityObject Info Palette Performance Improvements on WindowsOn Demand TessellationVGM Sheet LayerVectorworks Updater ImprovementsMigration Manager ImprovementsFlyover SensitivityCursor Position Highlighting on RulerNearby Snap HintDimension Editing ImprovementsMarquee Deletion of Mesh FacesTitle Block Border ImprovementSupport QR code for HyperlinkMarionette Improvements 3Cloud Publish UI ChangePIO Catalog Updates and PIO Style UpdatesWeb Browser DialogSection Viewport ImprovementsHorizontal SectionsData Tag ToolPDF Annotations and Fill StylesClasses and Layers Filters & Combo Box Control for Large Lists2D Components for Hybrid ObjectsMany of these changes are related to improving the speed of Vectorworks on your computer. Updating the Object Info palette on Windows is a substantial improvement in speed for all Windows users.VGM and on-demand tessellation will improve the speed that you can move around in drawings.There are improvements to snapping, dimension editing, and the Title Block border. Some of these will be covered in their own sections below.Section viewport improvements, horizontal sections, Class and Layer filters, 2D components for Hybrid Objects, and the tag tool will have a substantial explanation below.
3D Modeling and RenderingOnline Access to mtextur TexturesPoint Cloud ImprovementsSubdivision 4 Image EffectsClip Cube Viewport OptionThe major improvements to 3D modeling are the Clip Cube viewport option and the image effects, which we will cover in detail below.
Better Importing and ExportingIFC Data Mapping 2.0Editable COBie WorksheetsDXF/DWG Export Fills ImprovementsDXF/DWG Import Dialog Layout ChangesClasses/Layers Mapping on DXF/DWG ImportRevit Import ImprovementsEvery year Vectorworks improves the ability to import IFC, DXF/DWG, and Revit objects. The only topic that will be expanded in detail will be the class/layer mapping on DXF/DWG importing.
ArchitectStair Settings: Display Layer of Lower FloorStair Geometry: Custom Top and Bottom Treads (Risers)Stair OIP ImprovementsStair Support of New Resource BrowserSupport Space StylesSecond Leaf OptionsHide Roof BoundaryRemove Drop Shadow and Opacity from Wall/Slab/Roof StylesLouver DoorsStairs have received a substantial amount of work in this release. I will explain all of these together below. The hide roof boundary is a great improvement to the roof object. It’s often been a source of annoyance and now it has been improved.
LandscapeSite Model SculptingImproved Site Model Creation.Online Plant List CatalogPlant Data SourcesPlant Workflow SimplificationHardscape Components Workflow CleanupThere has been a substantial change to site modeling in this release. We will now have the ability to create swales and berms on our site models. Plant data sources has received a substantial change and it should make it much easier and quicker to connect plants to a database.
Project SharingProject Sharing – New “Admin Release” Menu CommandProject Sharing DiagnosticsUsers that have been working with Project Sharing will be pleased to see these two improvements.
SpotlightVision Preferences Dialog Boxes – Part 1Vision Preferences Dialog Boxes – Part 2Braceworks Auto Connect EnhancementsTruss Replacement3D Lighting Device RotationAutoTURN Online Integration Dead Hang ObjectBridle Analysis for BraceworksTruss Workload Heat MapVision Content Fixes and Updates and Spotlight Content On-Demand Request and DeliveryDMX Transform ImprovementsUpdate of Spotlight Commands and Staging Tools to Work in 3DSpotlight NumberingLighting Instrument Improvements3D Label Legend 2.0Change Trim Height UpdateNew Creation Mode for Video and Blended ScreenSpotlight has received the most engineering resources outside of the basic productivity improvements. I will not be covering these changes in this manual.
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Updated on October 5, 2021

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