Marionette is a visual scripting language. You could think of Marionette as a recipe, similar to recipe for baking a cake. A recipe lays out each step that is needed for baking a cake; however, Marionette has to be instructed to do absolutely everything. For example, if you were to tell Marionette to add eggs to the cake mix, you would also have to instruct it to crack open the eggs. Marionette does not know anything and has to be instructed on each step along the way.


Basic Concepts

You have the ability to create a script. You start by creating something, then you can do something to it, then you can do something else to it, and finally, you have your output.

You connect nodes together with wires. The data flows from left to right, from one node to the next down the wire. Each node does something simple and then passes its output to the next node. To create a script, you drag and drop the nodes to create a series of steps. At the end of this, you get the object that you want.

Nodes and Wires

An instruction is called a node. Two nodes are connected with a wire. Running from left to right, a series of nodes and wires is called a network.

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Updated on September 20, 2021

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