BIM_SIG_051 Architect Special Interest Group August 2014 (am)

2014-09-24_10-36-06Using worksheets to help improve our workflow. Worksheets are very powerful. Not only can use them to count objects and areas, but you can also use worksheets to find and edit information attached to objects. I often use worksheets to help control the data attached to objects like title blocks, drawing labels, etc. We also looked at creating a solar study.

Topics Covered:

  • creating a report looking for objects for the record
  • choosing the correct record
  • choosing the fields you want to place in your worksheet
  • editing the labels on the report
  • resizing the column widths on the report
  • finding the code required to report a particular part of a record format
  • re-purposing a field from the record format to create a revision
  • using the worksheet to update title blocks symbols to add revisions, dates and so on.

Solar Study

  • massing models are an easy way to create the 3D objects you need for a solar study
  • create a site model for your solar study, otherwise you will not have the correct 3D heights which will affect your solar study
  • using the Heliodon tool to place a sun
  • the Heliodon makes it easy to place a sun at the correct latitude, longitude, month, day and time
  • creating a plan view for a solar study using viewports
  • duplicating the viewports to create different times of the day
  • duplicating the Heliodon to create a new sun for a different time of the day
  • using the visualisation palette to control the lights in viewports
  • creating a section viewport as part of the solar study

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