BIM_SIG_049 Architect Special Interest Group July 2014 (am)

2014-09-23_15-11-23Continuing on with last month’s project, we looked at using Vectorworks’ Wall Framer, creating a truss roof, adding a new tool to Vectorworks, creating a truss roof using a 3D object and adding prices to materials to get a total cost.

Topics Covered:

  • review of the worksheet that counts up the surface materials of the walls
  • adding peaks to walls

Wall Framer

  • using the wall framer
  • editing the classes to find the walls
  • editing the settings to add dwangs (noggs)
  • checking the results to make sure that the wall framer lines with the original walls
  • checking errors with the wall framer
  • creating a truss roof using the truss tool
  • where to find a truss tool for Vectorworks (Roof Trusses from
  • how to install plug-ins
  • how to add plugs-ins to your workspace
  • using the Roof truss tool
  • how to make other truss objects by using convert to group and then editing the 3D object.
  • use Auto-Hybrid to convert the 3D object for 2D plan views
  • how to edit the Auto-Hybrid
  • creating a symbol from the Auto-Hybrid
  • editing the symbol
  • costing a building using area rates
  • editing the plan area and updating the cost

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