BIM_SIG_023 Special Interest Group May 2013

This was the second session for the May BIM  Special Interest Group. There was only one attendee, so he was able to guide the direction of the session. We look at worksheets and creating a window schedule.

Topics covered:

  • where are worksheets stored?
  • Placing worksheets on a design layer to keep them all together
  • what kind of objects can you report in a worksheet
  • examples of symbols that report their information on a worksheet
  • symbols that have editable text are created using link text to record
  • using the standard Vectorworks window to create a symbol
  • resizing a  window symbol does not keep the locked sashes
  • Editing a window using custom sash options
  • duplicate in window symbols to create the next window
  • window symbols can be used on several projects
  • importing window symbols from a library
  • creating a window number symbol
  • creating a record format for the window number symbol
  • using  link text to record
  •  editing the text on the symbol using the Object Info palette
  •  creating window elevation viewports
  • editing a window symbol and seeing the change update on your window elevation view port
  • creating window elevations using a dedicated design layer
  • using the dedicated design layer to create window elevation viewports for a sheet layer
  • using a window symbol can connect windows in the plan to windows in the dedicated design layer, automatically updating your window elevation viewports
  • adding annotations to your window elevation viewports
  • creating a worksheet to report all Vectorworks windows

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  1. I had trouble with linking text to records until I unchecked “convert to group” in the create symbol dialogue box. This is covered in the video but not emphasized as much as leaving everything unselected in edit symbol when linking the symbol to the record. So if anyone else is having problems with this, maybe they have “convert to group” selected when creating the symbol.

    1. That makes sense because the Link Text to Record only works with symbols. As soon as you place a symbol with the Convert to Group option, it stops being a symbol, so Link Text to Record stops working as well.

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