BIM_SIG_022 Special Interest Group May 2013

This session was well attended and the majority wanted to look at customising classes and setting up a class standard. In a recent webinar I created some classes by using custom classes from my standard. When some of my users saw this, they wanted to know how they could quickly access their own custom classes.

Creating your own class standards is reasonably straightforward. You do have to be very careful where you store your standard file, otherwise it will not appear when you go to create a new class. You can store your class standard in the Standards folder in your user folder or in a workgroup folder.
It is extremely important that you design a logical system for naming and using classes.
This is what the webinar was about.
Topics covered:

  • layers and classes missing from Navigation palette
  • introduction to classes
  • classes automatically connected to wall styles
  • classes assigned to wall style components
  • using a class standard
  • updating a wall style and saving it to default content
  • user folder
  • workgroup folder
  • where to store class standards in the user folder
  • where to store class standards in the workgroup folder
  • editing the files in the Vectorworks application folder
  • why do I name the classes in the way I do?
  • Use a logical system to name classes
  • editing class names, deleting classes and editing graphic attributes
  • class standards are for any project, common classes are in the template
  • editing the new classes assigned to existing viewports
  • using visibilities on the Organization dialog box
  • 2D parts and 3D parts of the design, using Auto Hybrid
  • Assigning classes to the auto hybrid
  • viewport name is not the same as the drawing title
  • dimensions still snap to invisible classes
  • roof face modeling
  • roof framing
  • Vectorworks crashes when backing up
  • setting your Autosave options
  • why you should attend in person

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