Vectorworks for Modeling

Nearly everywhere I’ve been, they has been a discussion about 3D modeling vs 2D drawing. Even when I went out for dinner last night with Novedge, we discussed it. There are many Vectorworks users that think of 2D drawing first, and 3D modeling as some kind of luxury that you do after the real work is done.

I think that as you resolve the conceptual plan of your project, you should be looking at a simple model of the concept. Vectorworks has so many tools you can use for this, and it is so quick.

I had a project once where the concept plan was resolved, but not the form of the building. I had a sketch to work with, but a 5 minute model made from simple extrusions showed some problems with the sketch. The architect and I then spent 30 minutes resolving the concept in 3D, and the result was a better building.

This, to me, is the great thing about 3D. it can be fast it can help sort out early problems with the concept and it doesn’t take a lot of effort. Everyone should be modeling first, then creating drawings.

Next week I have a webinar on improving your conceptual designs by using 3D models, site models ane the advantages you get from this. You can register here.

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