3D Modeling Manual for Vectorworks 2009 now Available

My new manual is now shipping from NNA. http://www.nemetschek.net/training/guides.php

3D Modeling in Vectorworks $75

The Vectorworks 3D Modeling Tutorial manual, by Jonathan Pickup, is a must-have workbook for anyone seeking to learn how to free-form model with Vectorworks. The manual will bring you to a competent level of 3D capability through exercises aimed at building a foundation of 3D Vectorworks skills. Specifically, you’ll learn how to create 3D forms through the use of extrudes, sweeps, solids, NURBS, loft surfaces, and 3D primitives.

One of my clients has just finished a course that uses this manual, and she was very happy:

“I have just completed Jonathon’s 3D course, and it has opened a whole new world for me. My design is no longer restricted to rectilinear planes. I can now do angled surfaces and compound curves, spin them around to have a look at them, and chop them into templates for fabrication.” Juliet, Exhibition Designer


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