Reviews for the 3D Modeling in Vectorworks 2009

The reviews for my new manual on 3D modeling are starting to come in. The manual has been designed to get beginners up to speed with 3D modeling, and the reviewers seem to understand that.

The first review is from FRANÇOIS LÉVY of Austin, Texas:

Throughout, Pickup addresses topics clearly and succinctly. NURBS, which have traditionally overwhelmed users new to 3D, are covered in a highly approachable manner, if not in tremendous depth. This is appropriate for users first learning 3D work. The accompanying videos are short and to the point, and the author strikes a good balance between keeping the viewer’s attention and covering the material fully. Needless to say, having print, video, and sample files all together covers the bases for all kinds of learners.

The next review in also in from Steve Scaysbrook from the UK:

Now I have 3D under my belt, to me the price was and is not a problem, the quality of the sketch’s and above all the embedded movies on the CD make it a must have addition to my tech library, I can thoroughly recommended this book to anyone who has 2D CAD and wants to start using 3D CAD As we all move into BIM, 3D work is going to become more and more important, and this book has been such an enormouse help in achieving competence in 3D CAD work, nice one Jon

Nick from Salt Lake City says:

I would recommend this manual to anyone who has an acute need/interest in the power of the Vectorworks 2009 rendering platform. It is an excellent way to delve into the program that otherwise has a rather steep learning curve. I would also recommend it to those basic users, like myself, for an excellent way to expand your skill set, proficiency and speed in using the program for your creative needs. Either way, 3D Modeling in Vectorworks 2009 by Jonathan Pickup is an excellent tool for anyone who uses this power and effective modeling and drafting program.

Kevin Lee Allen Design Blog says:

I strongly recommend that students of Vectorworks, new users or users moving into BIM documentation buy this book. The $75 investment will be quickly recouped. Well, a few bucks and few days to work through the exercises and begin to master these powerful tools. You will have an excellent guide.

So, if you want to learn 3D modeling, the manual is now shipping from NNA.

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