• Getting Started Special Interest Group April 2019

    In this session, we discussed ways of adding a tile texture to a bathroom wall, created a stepped wall by using a 3D object on a different design layer and the Fit Walls to Objects command, and used image props to create artwork for adding some realism to project renderings……....

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  • Landscape Special Interest Group April (pm) 2016

      Topics Covered: 00:40   Ozbreed Plants website 01:43   download the plants from the website 02:14   two sorts of image file to open, higher resolution and low-resolution 03:29   find the image props in the resource browser 04:20   import the image prop into a current file 04:56…

  • Architect Special Interest Group January 2016 (pm)

    Topics covered: viewport rendering Line rendering/OpenGL rendering   1:03 setting up prospective viewport   2:13 hidden line rendering   5:26  text along path 7:39  creating image prop of logo    14:39 create image prop of logo    32:55 editing glow texture on image prop   41:07 editing low texture on text model  …

  • Landmark_SIG_079 Special Interest Group September(pm) 2015

    The main part of this session was around image props. The attendees want to look at the height of the image props, how they were created, and how they can incorporate these into plants. After that they want to look at some 3-D modelling.

  • Landmark_SIG_062 Special Interest Group December (am) 2014

    In this session we looked at the graphic representation of plants, focusing on the 3D visual aspects. We looked at the strategies for the graphic representation, creating image props, using the Existing Tree too to create the required 3D geometry, the VBVisual Plant, how to find more plants online, creating…

  • Vectorworks Tip #105 – 3D Modelling – Plant Image Props

    There are now several files with Vectorworks image props from my friends at OzBreed. OzBreed specialise in improved varieties that are tougher, more uniform and often need less maintanence and water, striving to provide better plants for landscape professionals and home owners alike. Check out the Vectorworks plants here…

  • podcast152 – Using OzBreed Plant Image Props

    I have been working with an Australian company to create image props for their plants. When the files are uploaded to the web site, you will be able to download the Vectorworks file and use the image props in your projects.

  • Landmark_SIG_024 Special Interest Group April 2013

    This  recording was from the morning session for the Landmark special interest group.  Most of the session focused on textures, image props, and finding or importing better models. In particular the attendees wanted to know how I had created the ivy on the back wall of this movie.

  • epodcast160 – Adding an Image Prop to a Plant

    I have created other movies about image props, and how to make them, but it appears that there is still some confusion about how to deal with the images in Photoshop, then  bring those into Vectorworks to create your image prop and put the image prop as part of your…

  • cadmovie654 – Textures in Vectorworks 2011 Part 14

    Making an Image Prop 2. Another method for image props is use an image and a mask. You can use Photoshop to create a image, and then copy the background area to make a mask. This technique is useful for creating people, plants, and other things to populate your render scenes.