Getting Started Special Interest Group April 2019

In this session, we discussed ways of adding a tile texture to a bathroom wall, created a stepped wall by using a 3D object on a different design layer and the Fit Walls to Objects command, and used image props to create artwork for adding some realism to project renderings.

Topics Covered:

00:15    We started off the session by looking at how to add a tile texture to a bathroom wall. One way is to add the tile as a component of the wall style.  Another way is to assign the wall to a class that has the desired texture. Either way, you can change the wall style component or the graphic attribute of the assigned class if your client wants to change the tile. For some reason, the tile texture in our file was showing up on the sides of the wall, but not the front—so we wanted to figure out why. Remember that if you’re using the rendering options on the wall’s Object Info palette, the wall has a left side and a right side—which side are you looking at? You could also include the tile as an extrusion added to the outside of your wall. Each way of including the tile texture in your project has advantages and disadvantages because Vectorworks walls almost work like real walls, but not quite. You have to decide which method is the lesser of the evils. If you include the tile by adding the texture as a wall style component, then you’ll want to use the Wall End Cap tool to wrap the tile and baseboard around the end of a wall. We also demonstrated how use a 3D object on a different design layer and the Fit Walls to Objects command to create a stepped wall.

32:22    To add some realism to a space, you might want to put a painting or poster on the wall. We imported a picture of the Ramones and turned it into an image prop plug-in object that we could use as a wall poster. Turning it into a symbol allows you to save it and use it sometime in the future. The site is a great site for textures and images that you could then turn into image props. We finished the session by quickly going over the steps for adding an image prop to a tree.

Getting Started April 2019
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