epodcast160 – Adding an Image Prop to a Plant

I have created other movies about image props, and how to make them, but it appears that there is still some confusion about how to deal with the images in Photoshop, then  bring those into Vectorworks to create your image prop and put the image prop as part of your plant.

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This movie takes an image in Photoshop and create the two parts needed to create an image prop in Vectorworks. The movie then goes on to show how to use these images to create the image crop itself. Finally the image prop is added as the 3-D portion of the plant and the plant definition is adjusted to suit the size of the image prop. The end of the movie also shows how to edit the plant definition in Vectorworks 2012.



  1. Hi there
    I was just watching yr video, and have a small sugestion. You seem to ne unaware of the option to un-check the ‘contiguous’ property when magic-wanding. This allows you to select all blue in one go, instead of shift-clicking all separate areas.
    tnx for the other instructions!

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