Landmark_SIG_079 Special Interest Group September(pm) 2015

landmark079The main part of this session was around image props. The attendees want to look at the height of the image props, how they were created, and how they can incorporate these into plants. After that they want to look at some 3-D modelling.

There is an Australian website (OzBreed) that has several Australian plants created as image props, formatted for Vectorworks, the can be downloaded from the website. To start with we had a look at the OzBreed website, found out where to download these image props and then downloaded several.
We looked at the location of the image props in 3-D, and why they are where they are. We also looked at how to change them if you’re not happy with their elevation. An important part of using his image props is to locate them on your computer in a place that Vectorworks is able to access them. We went through the exact location that you need to use in order to make them easy to find.
We took these image props and we incorporate them into plants so that we could make the plants the way we wanted. We also looked at using these image props as part of a plant a symbol and whether you can incorporate the entire planter as a plant object.
Next we looked at some 3-D modelling. Ideally we need to create a pergola. In order to do this we used the architectural object “column” but most of the work we did with simple extrusions. By creating one rafter, it could then be duplicated by creating one beam, it can be duplicated. In order to duplicate columns and beams we used the move by points tool. The user also wanted to create a curving bracket, which is straightforward if you draw it in screen plane, then extrude it. Once extruded, it can be copied using the mirror tool or the move by points tool. Finally, we put in a sun so that we could see our completed pergola.
Landscape 079 September 2015 pm (m4v file)
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Landscape 079 September 2015 pm (mov file)


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