Architect Special Interest Group December 2019

In this session, we looked at the concept of tags, including space objects and their tags, tags in viewports, and the Data Tag tool, as well as discussing how the Data Tag tool, worksheets, and record formats can give you more control over your model data.

Topics Covered:

  • 00:15    Vectorworks has tags specific to each object, such as the space tag and the window tag. There are actually three types of space tag, which Vectorworks has assigned to different classes and you can modify in the Space Settings dialog box. It can be confusing to fix the fields. We covered how to fix them or assign different data to the labels.
  • 24:18    We covered how to create Space objects. You can do a quick design using Space objects and rapidly generate your concept—or you can add the Space objects after you build your walls. There are even commands—the Create Spaces from Walls and the Create Walls from Spaces commands—that allow you to generate one from the other. We demonstrated the steps for doing this. It’s a quick way to move from a concept to a model—a real timesaver! You can also use Space objects to conduct a solar study.
  • 31:11    Another productivity tool is a two-way worksheet, which allows you to work from the worksheet to the objects or the other way around. Another useful worksheet function is the Select Item command, which zooms in on the item on the design layer when you right-click on the object’s row in the worksheet. It’s especially useful for landscapers using plant schedules or architects using scope of work reports.
  • 35:14    We finished the session by discussing how you can use worksheets to get information such as the percentage of openings in your model. Worksheets and record formats—tags that you can attach to objects—work together in a powerful way to find the right information when you need it!

Architect December 2019

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