Landmark Special Interest Group November 2019

In this session, we covered some challenges with landscape worksheets, including working with plant images, a workaround for selecting all of your plants with one command, selecting individual plants when the Summarize Items setting is on in your worksheet, and setting up a separate design layer for details.

Topics Covered:

  • 00:11    We opened a file that had a landscape design and a worksheet. On the worksheet, the plant image for some of the plants was showing up extremely small, like just a dot. We experimented with ways to correct this—we used the change plant grouping command to turn off the mass planting setting, we recalculated the worksheet, etc.—but nothing seemed to help. We went through the steps to show an image detail at the end of the plant tag on our drawing, including going online to get an image. However, we couldn’t get that same image detail to show up as the plant image on the worksheet.
  • 13:09    One challenge in Vectorworks is selecting all of the plants, because using the Select Similar tool and clicking on a plant only selects the instances of that one plant type, not all the plant types. So, we did a custom selection with a script saved onto a tool palette so that we could reuse it, without going through all of the steps to set it up each time. You can add this Select All Plants tool to your template so that its available on all of your projects—we showed how to do this.
  • 21:37    To have the option of showing or not showing the plant schedule with a column for the plant image, we duplicated the worksheet and deleted the plant image column in one of them. To select some of the plants from the worksheet, we had to first undo the Summarize Items setting so that all the plants were showing. When we no longer needed to select the individual plants, we could put the worksheet back together by redoing the summarizing function.
  • 25:45    One change from a while ago is that you no longer need to turn off the database headers before you place a report on a sheet layer. When the report opens on the drawing, the database header row is automatically turned off. There is a Scale Factor setting in the Object Info palette. Someone had a problem of bringing in a Vectorworks detail, such as a bollard detail, and having the blue arrows overtake the drawing. The arrows look huge when the layer scale is something like 1:200—however, the arrows should look normal when printed out at 1:5 or 1:10. I like to set up a design layer just for details and set the layer scale at 1:5 or 1:10, depending on the scale of the details—that way, they also look normal in Vectorworks.

Landmark November 2019

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