Interactive Workshops January 2018 – Title Blocks and Document Issues

Title blocks have undergone a major overhaul in Vectorworks 2018. The old Sheet Border tool has been completely replaced with a new Title Block Border tool and Drawing Issue command. The title blocks have been changed to use object styles, their layout is easier to change and customize, adding revisions and creating issues have been updated, and a new document transmittal facility has been added.

Session 1 – 16th January 2018 am[ms-protect-content id=”34491,34492,34493, 34494, 34495, 34496, 344927″]

Session 2 – 16th January 2018 pm[ms-protect-content id=”34491,34492,34493, 34494, 34495, 34496, 344927″]



  1. Hey Jonathan, still learning how to use and modify title blocks properly but if I wanted to save it as a style. what is the best way to do so? Thanks!

      1. i start with a styled title block. It is easier to start with a standard title block style then edit the style and change the name. An unstyled title block can be converted to a styled one by right-clicking on it and choosing New Plugin Style From Unstyled…

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