Vectorworks Tips 452 – Workflows – Title Blocks

Your workflow is the way that you work, the way that you use a tool or technique and then move on to the next tool or technique. As Vectorworks changes and updates every year, you need to keep an eye on your workflows to ensure that you are using the latest and most efficient methods.
Take title blocks as an example. You might be used to the old way of using title blocks, where you selected the tool, double clicked in the drawing area, and the title block was placed and became the graphic design that you required.

This is a common way of working—a common workflow. I have noticed that some users are trying to use exactly the same workflow with Vectorworks 2018. The new Title Block Border tool in Vectorworks 2018 looks the same as the old Sheet Border tool, but it has been substantially reworked. I have had a lot of success by using a new workflow.
The new workflow is to place a title block on the sheet layer and then to edit the Title Block object style in the Resource Manager to suit my layout and graphic style. This change to my workflow seems to offer the following advantages: it creates the title block style that controls the look of my title block; when I edit the object style, I get an updated title block on my  drawing; and the new title block works extremely well with the new revisions and issues, including the new document transmittal form.
We are covering this topic in January 2018, book now…
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