Landscape Special Interest Group April (am) 2017

Landscape Special Interest Group April 2017_AM
In this session, we looked at creating a retaining wall area, selecting model snapshots, cut and fill calculations, site model sections, creating pads from grade limits, and creating grade limits from pads.

  • 01:10    We started by looking at creating a retaining wall. There are several tools that you can use to create retaining walls, but it is also possible to create a change in a site model that looks like a retaining wall just by using two pads. Sometimes, it is easier to create the pads that you require to retain the earth (change the site model) and then to create a separate object for the actual retaining wall (the visual object). We then looked at how we could create the appearance of a retaining wall by using two contour site modifiers that are close together.
  • 09:02    It is possible to show both the existing and the proposed contours by choosing the correct options in the site model settings. We looked at controlling the graphic style of the contours for the existing and the proposed sites. If the existing and the proposed control lines do not differ sufficiently, it is easy to get confused. When I create a site model, I assign classes to the existing and the proposed contours. This allows me to filter the contours. In the movie, you can see how I have turned off the minor contours but have left the major contours visible.
  • 12:15    Creating a site model snapshot is one way of creating a site model that shows the existing contours and another site model that shows the proposed contours. A site model snapshot is connected to the site model, but it will show the settings of the site model at the time that you created it. In the movie, you will see that I set up the site model to show the existing contours. Then, I can create a snapshot, which I move off to the side. When I select my site model, I can change the settings to show the proposed site model. This gives me both the existing and the proposed site models in different locations. You can use the same technique to create a snapshot that shows the cut calculations.
  • 28:01    One thing to look out for when you are creating site modifiers is site model errors. These appear as yellow warning triangles in the top/plan view. These errors can stop your site model from updating correctly. It is recommended that you locate these errors and fix their causes.
  • 29:41    You can use a command to create a section through your site model. The section does not have to follow a straight line.
  • 38:26    As we concluded the session, we looked at two additional commands. The first command will create a great limit from a pad. This is ideal for creating a specific slope from the pad to the site. You can determine the slope or the offset. The other command we looked at will create a pad from a grade limit. This command is useful for evening out the cut and fill. In other words, Vectorworks will calculate where the pad needs to be to minimize the cut and fill.

Landscape April 2017 am
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