SST_1704 – Creating Drawings for Building Projects

Cover ImageCreating drawings for a building project is relatively straightforward when you have your design layers, classes, and building information model. But, that would make for a very short manual. What we also need to look at is how we get our design layers, classes, and building information model ready so that it is then easy to create the drawings.
Once we have these items, we will use viewports and sheet layers to create the drawings. This manual is structured to look at the basic concepts first, then the intermediate concepts, and finally the advanced concepts of creating drawings.

The basic concepts include understanding design layers and classes and when to use a layer or a class. We will also look at using viewports to create drawings. The basic concepts of this manual assume that all the work has been done for us and that all we have to do is to assemble the information into drawings.

  • Introduction
  • Beginner Topics
    • Classes
      • Controlling Graphic Style
      • Scheduling and Reporting
    • Design Layers
    • Sheet Layers and Viewports
      • Creating Drawings – Site Plan
      • Creating Drawings – Floor Plan
      • Creating Drawings – First Floor Framing Plan
      • Creating Drawings – Roof Framing Plan
  • Intermediate Topics
    • Creating Section Viewports
    • Creating Standard Viewports
    • Creating Multiple Viewports
  • Advanced Topics
    • Section Viewports (again)
    • Details
    • Internal Room Elevations
    • Linking Viewports
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