Architect Special Interest Group March 2017 (am)

In this session we wanted to look at creating an addition to a wall. We looked at different ways of creating a small area of wall that could have a different texture or a projection away from the face of the wall.

Topics Covered:

  • 00:33    the first thing we would like to look at is the concept of a wall feature. There are two types of wall features – wall projections and wall recesses. We started by drawing a simple wall and then looking at how we could create a three-dimensional object. The easiest way to create your 3D feature is to use automatic working planes and draw directly on the face of the wall. We found two things that cause confusion when we created a wall projection, one was that the wall projection does not pick up the texture of the original 3D object, and the other was that as we changed options on the Object Info palette, the wall projection would move along the wall.
  • 08:55    another way to create a wall feature is to use a symbol. A symbol would give you more control over the shape, textures, editability, and repeatability. We started by drawing the shape that we wanted, and then creating this object as a symbol. When you create symbols there are several choices about the insertion point and how the object will snap into (or insert into) a wall. As well as looking at creating a symbol we looked at these options and what effect they might have on our project when we use the symbol. To start with I made an error in choosing the insertion point of the symbol, which is easy to correct if you edit the symbol.
  • 19:13    in this part of the session we looked at creating a wall projection again and we looked at the effect of a wall projection when you insert a window or door into the wall. One of the important parts about using the wall feature is the ability to still insert windows and doors into the wall feature.
  • 26:44    finally, we looked at using a subdivision model as a wall feature. This partly worked but the subdivision surface was not connected to the wall in the way that it should be, it stood off the face of the wall. Subsequently, I have experimented further with using subdivision and it works well as a wall feature if you create the subdivision first and then turn it into a wall projection or wall recess.

Architect March 2017 am
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