SST_1703 – Creating Record Formats

Cover ImageWhen you create objects in Vectorworks they can be 2D, 3D or a combination of both. Many objects also have information attached to them. If you think of a door for example, the door has a plan view, you can view it in 3D, and you can report the information from the door. If you think about the information attached to the door, that’s like the record format we are talking about. The idea of a record format is that it is a way to store information.

Another useful technique with record formats is the ability to link them to a symbol. Normally, when you have a symbol, all instances of the symbol are the same. Using a record format allows you to have a symbol with text that is editable.
As we move towards a BIM workflow attaching additional information to objects becomes extremely useful, almost essential. So it is important for us to understand how we can attach additional information to objects and how we can use that information.

  • Introduction
  • Beginner Topics
    • What Is a Record Format
    • How Do You Create a Record Format
    • Adding a Record Format to Objects
    • Editing the Data on a Record Format
  • Intermediate Topics
    • Using Record Formats with Symbols
    • Attaching a Record Format to a Symbol
    • Link Text To Record
    • Attaching A Record To A Symbol
    • Copy and Paste Record Format to Other Objects
    • Replacing Symbols with Updated Records
  • Advanced Topics
    • Reporting the Record Format
    • Using a Custom Record Format with IFC
    • Modify by Record
    • Data Visualisation
  • Conclusion
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