Architect Special Interest Group October 2016 (pm)

In the session we looked at the new Resource Manager, especially looking at how we should be using the new manager, how we should be organizing resources, how we should take control of the resource manager, and then we looked at updating our library files.

Topics covered:

  • 00:22   first look at the new Resource Manager
  • 00:47   looking at the left-hand pane on the new Resource Manager, the part that controls where you can look for resources
  • 05:04   discussion about controlling the left-hand pane on the resource browser for the wall tool, and how this relates to the left-hand pane on the Resource Manager, how to choose which resource locations are available which locations you are actually looking at
  • 30:00   creating a new folder for wall styles to organize wall styles in your file, you can create folders for all resource types
  • 31:02    dragging and dropping resources into folders and using drag-and-drop to organize all resources and all the files that are on the Resource Manager
  • 33:33    discussion about the new structure for the user and workgroup files, there is a new folder called object styles where many of the resources now need to be stored, unlike the old folder called defaults, which is only used for some resources
  • 36:14    discussion about using tags on resources and showing how to add add a tag to different resources and then had to locate these resources using the search function
  • 51:27    discussion about using very old resources and how they might look graphically from new resources that use newer techniques, in particular we looked at old bathroom fixtures that used 3D DXF files with many polygons and compare those with newer fixtures that used NURBS surfaces to make the fixtures much smoother, this will have a large impact when we start to use the automated internal room elevations

Architect October 2016 pm
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  1. Jon – this was great. I followed along on my file.
    Excellent questions along the way, Toni!
    How do I delete a resource from my working file?
    Do I still need to ‘purge’ to contain file size?

    1. thanks for your support. find the resource in the Resource Browser or Resource Manager, then either right-click and choose delete, or use the delete key on your keyboard.

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