• SST_1610 – What’s New in Vectorworks 2017

    For Vectorworks 2017 we have five major new technologies: Resource Manager Camera Match Structural Member Objects Irrigation Tools Virtual Reality We will be covering these technologies in detail, probably later in the year or early next year, but in this manual there will be a brief overview of them. Last…

  • Architect Special Interest Group October 2016 (pm)

    In the session we looked at the new Resource Manager, especially looking at how we should be using the new manager, how we should be organizing resources, how we should take control of the resource manager, and then we looked at updating our library files.

  • cadmovie_1610-17 – What’s New In Vectorworks 2017 – Part 17

    Save Column – There haven’t been a lot of changes to the column object, except for the ability to save a column. This is not the same as the object styles for doors and windows, but it does improve your ability to  reuse columns on several projects.

  • cadmovie_1610-16 – What’s New In Vectorworks 2017 – Part 16

    Delete 3D Wall Peaks – For a long time we have been able to fit our walls to 3D geometry. The downside is that you end up with a wall that has peaks. While it has been easy to add these peaks it has always been troublesome to remove them, and…

  • cadmovie_1610-15 – What’s New In Vectorworks 2017 – Part 15

    Internal Elevations – This command will create internal room elevations, put them on a sheet layer for you, and create an elevation marker on the design layer that is linked to the viewports. And it is all editable.

  • cadmovie_1610-13 – What’s New In Vectorworks 2017 – Part 13

    Slab Association And Offset Edges – For a few versions now we have had the ability to connect a slab style to a wall style. This allows us to choose an association between components of the wall and the edge of the slab.

  • cadmovie_1610-12 – What’s New In Vectorworks 2017 – Part 12

    Property Line – There have been many requests to make the Property Line more flexible. Vectorworks have been listening and they have improved the Property Line to make it much more flexible. You can set the units on the segments, choose which segments are annotated, etc.