SST_1607 – From 2D Drawing To BIM

Cover ImageJust lately, I have been teaching several users who want to move from using a workflow to using Building Information Modelling (3D workflow). In the past, I had several users who would say “I want to get to the under my belt first then look at 3D.” This suggests that 2D is a productive method and that 3D is a luxury. This completely misunderstands the way Vectorworks creates drawings. 3D is not a luxury, it is an intrinsic part of the modelling/drawing process.
When you use Vectorworks effectively the 3D components are easy to create, they will create your drawings, and when you update the model it will update your plans, sections, and elevations. Not only is this fast and easy, it also saves lots of errors.

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • Basic Concept
  • Set Up The File
    • Document Settings
    • Page Setup
    • Layer Setup
  • Creating The Design
    • Drawing Walls
    • Columns
    • Creating the Roof Framing
  • Creating Drawings
    • Setting A Perspective View
    • Creating A Title Block
  • Completing The Design
    • Creating A Slab
    • Adding Additional Walls
    • Adding Furniture
  • Section Viewport
  • Detail Viewport
  • Conclusion

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Click on this link to read the manual… (final)
Click on this link to download the Vectorworks 2017 file…
Click on this link to download the Vectorworks 2016 file…


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