SST_1111 – BIM In Action

BIM stands for Building Information Model. However, this is only part of its meaning.  The advantages of BIM are that it that you can visualize the design earlier, it is faster to create drawings, changes to one area can automatically update on the drawings, and some objects can be linked together (so a change to one object will update the other).


  • Introduction
  • Getting Started
  • Creating the File Structure
  • Modeling the Walls
  • Modeling the  Roof
  • Walls and Roof Together
  • Creating Drawings
  • Design Layer Section Indicator
  • Roof Drawings
  • Making a Paper Model
  • Adding Fenestration
  • Making the Gingerbread House

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Click on this link to read the manual…


  1. Hi Jonathan
    The link to your Gingerbread house manual does not seem to work and my daughter is pressing me to help draw/make one for a school project due this Wednesday. Please fix the link
    Regards Rob

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