SST_1510 – What’s New in Vectorworks 2016

Vectorworks 2016, jonathan pickupEvery year we get an upgrade to Vectorworks. Usually we get a few exciting features, some features that don’t look very exciting but a very beneficial, and many small corrections to existing tools. This year is no different.

For Vectorworks 2016 we have five major new technologies:

  • Energos
  • Project sharing
  • Point clouds
  • Marionette
  • Subdivision Modelling

We will be covering these technologies in detail, probably later in the year or early next year, but in this manual there will be a brief overview of these technologies.

As well as these major changes to Vectorworks there are also some subtle changes to the interface. Often, these changes do not seem very dramatic, but history shows us that these changes tend to make it easier to use Vectorworks, making us more productive.


  • Introduction
  • Project Sharing
  • Point Cloud
  • Energos
  • Marionette
  • User Interface Changes
    • Migration Manager
    • Docking palettes (macintosh)
    • Uninstaller
    • Linked Viewports
  • Subdivision Modeling
  • Better Rendering
    • Camera Changes
    • Depth of Field
    • Grass
    • Ambient Occlusion
    • Live OpenGL updating
  • BIM
    • Updated Wall Styles
    • Edit Wall Styles from Object Info Palette
    • Roof Styles
    • Add Solids to Slabs
    • Subtract Solids From Slabs
    • Edit Modifiers
  • Site Modeling
    • Collect Site Modifiers On a Custom Set Of Layers
    • Site Modifier Contour Options
    • Stake Elevation Units Control
    • Site Model Graphic Properties – Use Class Attributes
  • Landscape
  • Tight Integration of Plant Definition and the Plant Database
  • Hardscape Improvements

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