Architect_077 Architect Special Interest Group September 2015 (am)

Architect_Sept_2105_amIn this session we started by looking at wall styles. The question was about using wall styles to draw an existing project. One of the problems with using wall styles is the challenge when you come to draw an existing plan and the wall widths are not consistent. This could involve you having several different wall styles to cover the different widths, which is made worse if you need to show some of the walls is being demolished (which effectively doubles the number of wall styles needed).The solution is to not use styled walls, but to use unstyled walls. By using unstyled walls you can create existing and demolished walls. When you create plans from these walls you can use class overrides in your viewports to change the line weight, line style, and fill type on the different walls to create existing and demolition plans. Using classes also raised the question about using classes on symbols. So we went through an exercise showing how symbols can use classes which will mean that you don’t have to worry about your active class, the symbol will take care of it for you.
Next we looked at the walls in the viewports and we learned how to dimension walls in the viewports that were associated and we looked at the issue of how to show the linings of walls. Linings could be shown as part of the wall style, but you could also use a separate wall style just for the lining. Where you’re working with an architect who gives you the drawings, using a separate wall for the lining would be a good solution. And finally we looked at the line weights on windows in walls. In particular we looked at the windoor object, but the things we discussed would certainly apply to the standard window as well.
Architect Special Interest Group September 2015 (am) 


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