Podcast 214 – Test Yourself Exercise – 6

image038The purpose of chapter 6 is to have an exercise that brings together many of the drawing tools and techniques that you need into one exercise. This exercise is designed to reinforce the flow of tools from start to finish. It will use techniques that you have learned in chapters 1-5.

The object shown here is a picnic table, and is just drawn using 2D techniques. You can use the sizes shown on this image or you can make up your own sizes. In this exercise you will start with a blank file, check the units, check the layer scale, then draw the the table. Remember to use all the techniques you have learned to speed up your work.

How did you get on? If you found this difficult, go back to chapters 3 and 4, go through the tools and commands again. It may seem laborious to go back through those chapters because there are so many exercises. The reality is that these are the tools and techniques you will need to be able to use Vectorworks quickly all the time. The more you practice these tools and techniques the better you will be at drawing in Vectorworks.

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