Podcast 211 – Test Yourself Exercise – 4

image023I am the author of the Vectorworks Essentials Tutorial Manual. I was recently talking to a university tutor that uses this manual with the students. They wanted an exercise that would extend the students’ knowledge of basic tools and commands. At the end of the fourth chapter of this manual the students should be able to draw a simple detail using basic tools and commands, including dimensions and annotation.

In Chapter 4 you covered annotation and dimensioning. These are very important if you want to communicate your design intentions to others. This exercise looks at the dimensions and annotations, but before you can annotate and dimension this exercise, you need to draw it, which relies upon the tools and techniques you learned in chapter 3. There is more than one way to create this design, but remember to use productive techniques like duplicate, move by points, reshape, etc. When you have finished creating the design, add the annotations and dimensions.
If you have bought my manual and you would like to test the knowledge from the second chapter, try this exercise.

How did you get on? If you think you need to refresh your memory on how to draw objects and control the size of them, think about going back and refreshing your knowledge of chapters 2-4.
If you do not have the Vectorworks Essentials tutorial manual but you would like to learn Vectorworks I strongly suggest that you purchase this manual. Here is a link that you can use to find the manual. http://www.vectorworks.net/training/guides.php
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