SST_1501- Layers, Levels, and Stories

Cover ImageDesign layers are one of the fundamental organizing concepts in Vectorworks, They are used to break the design into manageable chunks but they should not be confused with classes. Use design layers and classes to create the structure for the file which enables the creation of drawings using viewpoints and sheet layers.

Levels and Stories are not used to help create the drawings – they are used in building projects to control elevation of components. So where the layer might be the foundations, the levels might control the bottom of the footing, the top of the footing, the underside of the slab or even the bottom of the cladding. Accurate control of these levels will dramatically improve your Building Information Modeling (BIM) with Vectorworks.
While design layers are like containers (they store all the information related to layer), classes are an attribute (assigned to an object to control graphic style or visibility), levels and stories are used to control the 3D location of the building elements.
Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • Design Layers and Classes
    • Structuring your File
    • Different Scales
    • Scheduling and Reporting
    • Classes
    • Controlling Visibility
    • Controlling Graphic Style
    • Scheduling and Reporting
    • Controlling Symbols
    • Controlling Wall and Slab Styles
    • Layers and Classes Together
  • How Layers, Levels, and Stories Work Together
    • Level Naming Conventions
  • Setting up Your System
    • Walls
    • Columns
    • Stairs
  • Creating Stories, Layers, and Levels
  • Creating a Wall Style to use Levels

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