BIM_SIG_038 Architect Special Interest Group January 2014 (pm)

This session looked at placing a fence on top of a stone wall. There are several ways to create a fence. You can create a fence using a texture, you can model of 3D or you might find there is a tool that will allow you to create a fence. With the Australia and New Zealand version of Vectorworks you get a Handrail tool that is more powerful than the standard Vectorworks handrail object. In this session we looked at the difference between using a texture and using these tools. Topics covered:

  • changing the height of a wall.
  • where you can, use a texture to make a fence, rather than modeling the fence
  • placing a sun (heliodon)
  • placing a brick texture on a wall
  • creating a new transparent texture
  • creating an image to use as a transparency map
  • screen capture
  • importing image for transparency map
  • applying the texture to the object
  • Draw Handrail tool in Austrailia and New Zealand
  • drawing the handrail
  • editing the posts and rails in the Handrail
  • Handrail (Straight) tool, available in Vectorworks Architect
  • Editing the Handrail (ozcad)
  • Placing handrails on a stepped wall.
  • Placing handrails on a sloping wall, finding the slope first, then applying that to the handrail
  • Use the Eyedropper to copy the handrail preferences
  • Auto-hybrid objects, why use a hybrid object
  • creating a protal frame using extrude along path, then making that into an auto-hybrid object
  • Twist tool, then turning that into an Auto-Hybrid object
  • How to edit the Auto-Hybrid object

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