• BIM_SIG_038 Architect Special Interest Group January 2014 (pm)

    This session looked at placing a fence on top of a stone wall. There are several ways to create a fence. You can create a fence using a texture, you can model of 3D or you might find there is a tool that will allow you to create a fence….

  • Vectorworks 2011 Rendering, One Bounce or Two?

    I have a room created by a friend of mine, Bill. He has made all the textures, image props and backgrounds. Bill and I have been talking about the Vectorworks rendering. Very often, we use Custom Renderworks to see the scene. Custom Renderworks is very quick, and it has several…

  • cadmovie516 – Lighting and Rendering Part 14

    Layer Lighting Options. The Layer Lighting Options control the ambient lighting is the lighting all around, it has no direction and therefore casts no shadows. The real world equivalent is the southern sky, also know as the sky dome.