Landmark_SIG_028 Special Interest Group June 2013

This was the first session for the landscape Special Interest Group for June 2013. The main topics covered were to do with hatching and graphics assigned to hardscapes, how to use a photograph to create a texture, and dimension standards. Topics covered:

  • the size of the tiling when using the Flagstone hardscape hatching
  • hardscape hatches can be found in the resource browser
  • editing a hatch from the resource browser
  •  assigning graphics to a hardscape object
  • setting the page area to portrait or landscape for design layers
  • saving the page location with a saved view for design layers
  • setting the page area to portrait or landscape for sheet layers
  • setting different sheet layers to have different page sizes and orientations
  • using the attribute mapping tool to edit hardscape graphics
  • assigning images to hardscapes using the attributes palette
  • discussing the techniques for taking a photograph and using it to make a texture
  • looking for textures on the internet
  • create an image from a photo
  • creating dimension standards

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