Webinar: Custom Renderworks in Vectorworks 2011

I have been playing with custom Renderworks in Vectorworks 2011, and I really like it. The new Renderworks is very subtle, and you have a lot of control over the rendering quality, texture quality, and lighting quality.
Wouldn’t it be great to understand how to how to edit the Custom Renderworks options, how to change the quality of the lighting, and how to add environment lighting. In this special one hour webinar presentation you will learn about the options, and you will learn how to set the options to get the best from Renderworks.
Topics covered:
Introduction to Rendering
Introduction to Applying Textures
Why use Custom Renderworks, not Final Quality Renderworks?
How to test the Rendering
Setting Custom Renderworks Options
Creating a Renderworks Background
Setting a Directional Light
Setting a Spotlight
Creating Environmental Lighting
Editing the Environmental Lighting
Final Rendering
Cost $35US (about $45NZ, $35 AUS, €25).
With this webinar, there are no notes or manuals.

Course dates:
Wendnesday 16th February 2011 7:30am (NZDT
(15th February 2011 2:30pm EST)

Wendnesday 23rd February 2011 7:30am (NZDT
   (22nd February 2011 2:30pm EST)

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