• Entertainment Design Special Interest Group January 2017

    In this session we looked at the commands that are available in the Event Design menu. There are several commands here that make it very easy to create a 3D visualisation of an event. You can start by creating walls, creating stages, adding seating, and creating drawings. After creating the…

  • Landscape Special Interest Group July (pm) 2016

    ​In this session we looked at textures, especially making a water texture and what parts of the texture make it look like water. We also used a worksheet to calculate the volume of water in a fountain and what size of pump is needed to circulate the volume.

  • 3D Modelling Special Interest Group – February 2016

    Topics Covered: Creating Soft 3D Clothes Differences between OpenGL Rendering and Final Quality Rendering OpenGL rendering options using the render bitmap tool Window Numbers on Elevations 3-D text on cabinets Creating a Strip Light creating a glow texture for lighting creating a line light

  • cadmovie1601_10 – Outdoor Lighting – Visualization Palette

    Visualization Palette – When you start adding lights to the project, the Visualization palette becomes very useful. You can use this palette to see all the lights and cameras in the file, you can use it to select lights and cameras, and you can use it to edit them.

  • cadmovie1601_09 – Outdoor Lighting – Image Prop Textures

    Image Prop Textures – By default most of the plant image prop textures have been set up so that their textures glow. For most of your daytime renderings this is fine, but for nighttime renderings the plants don’t really look natural.

  • cadmovie1601_08 – Outdoor Lighting – Symbols

    Use Symbols – When you are creating outdoor lights, you might have several lights that are similar. In a case like this you should create these lights as symbols. Not only does it make it easy to place multiple copies of these lights in your design, but you can also use…

  • cadmovie1601_07 – Outdoor Lighting – Renderworks Styles

    Renderworks Styles – After all the hard work of setting up the lighting options and quality, Renderworks Styles allows you to save the settings. As well as that, Renderworks Styles are saved in the Resource Browser. This allows them to be copied from file to file, or saved in your library…

  • cadmovie1601_06 – Outdoor Lighting – Lighting Options

    Lighting Options – Lighting options control the effects of the light in the scene and have a strong impact on how the light sources will light your project. It is easy to overlook these, but they have a very strong impact on the rendered view. The Lighting Options have subtle controls…

  • cadmovie1601_05 – Outdoor Lighting – Line Lights

    Line Light – Line Lights can be used to replicate tube lighting and neon lighting. In the past they used to take a long time to render, but now they are as quick as any other light. Use a line light whenever you need a continous strip of light. There is…

  • cadmovie1601_04 – Outdoor Lighting – Spot Light

    Spot Light – Spot lights are directional lights that point at a particular Location. They have a controllable beam and spread. Spot lights are best placed in plan and then checked in elevation.

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