Landscape Special Interest Group July (pm) 2016


In this session we looked at textures, especially making a water texture and what parts of the texture make it look like water. We also used a worksheet to calculate the volume of water in a fountain and what size of pump is needed to circulate the volume.

Topics Covered:
  • 00:14 display light preferences.
  • 01:22 editing a light using the Visualization palette.
  • 02:10 applying a standard Vectorworks water texture.
  • 02:44 controlling lighting options in a rendered view
  • 04:13 creating a pool with a wall around it so that the wall can have a color a see if the wall color is visible through the water.
  • 16:18 calculating the volume of water in the pool using a worksheet to find the volume. This worksheet can be edited to calculate the pump required to circulate the water in the pool.
  • 23:04 creating a faster Renderworks style.
  • 28:35 creating a glow texture to mimic a light fixture.
  • 34:00 using the Render Bitmap tool to render a small area of the scene.
  • 43:03 editing a glass texture and understanding what bump, reflectivity, glass transparency, and explaining what refraction is.
  • 47:25 using the Clip Tool and Split Tool on viewports.

Landscape July 2016 pm
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