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I’ve just been chatting with a friend of mine in the UK. He was talking about sharing files with other architects and it reminded me to tell him about an application one of my clients showed me, dropbox. Dropbox is an application that allows you to share files across your computers and it allows you to share the files with others.
It’s easier than a USB flash drive, and it’s quicker than email. Steve and I tried a small experiment. He created a shared folder for me, and he added a Vectorworks file to it.
I created a Workgroup Reference to the file and added it to my drawing using a Design Layer Viewport. This lets me move his file around, I can rotate it and so on.
This is not a lot different than traditional working.
Because this is a Workgroup Reference, I can update the reference if Steve updates the file from the other side of the world.
Go to the Navigation palette, and update the reference.
The Design Layer viewport updates. This is all over the Internet, and it is almost live. It did take about a minute for the update to appear on my computer, but I still this this is a fantastic way of shared working over the Internet.
Take my advice, go get dropbox.

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