Viewing DWG/DXF Files

Sometimes I have to import or export my drawings to DXF or DWG. Importing isn’t such an issue but when you export a VectorWorks drawing to DXG or DWG, how do you know what you are sending, what will it look like when the other person gets it. 
Ideally if you have AutoCAD (and why would you) you can open the files and view your exported drawings. What if you don’t have AutoCAD? 
Someone suggested this site on the internet:
You can download a free DWG/DXF viewer for windows and macintosh from SolidWorks. I tried it and it works well. It’s a recommended procedure to check the drawings that you send to people. 
This software has a simple interface, you get to see what you have exported so that you can add a disclaimer to you email to say that you have checked the exported drawings and they look correct. 

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