• epodcast202 – Nudge Tips

    Nudge is where you move objects a small amount using the shift+arrow keys. It can be useful, but watch out if you need to measure the objects. There are also Vectorworks Preferences that control the nudging. In this extended podcast I explain all the options.

  • epodcast199 – Create Similar Object

    When you are creating your projects, you often want to create more objects like to ones you already have. You could copy an paste an object, but then you have to move it and edit it. The Create Similar Object command sets the same tool, class, and tool settings as…

  • Getting Started Special Interest Group October 2016

    In this session we looked at using basic tools to create a drawing showing a plan, front elevation, and side elevation of an object. The purpose was to show that different options  that you have for simple problems…. There is some valuable content here that you are missing out on…....

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  • Architect Special Interest Group July 2016 (am)

    In this session we looked at adding special characters to text, creating sloping walls, techniques with viewports and batch rendering.

  • How to Draw a Detail

    Creating 3D models is the fun part of Vectorworks, but contract documentation is the longest part. In most countries contract documentation accounts for 45-50% of the architectural fee. This makes it the single biggest part of the project. You can can use the BIM principles to speed up the creation…

  • Why You Should Draw In 3D, Using BIM

    Why draw in 3D (BIM)? I often hear people say that I will learn the 2D first and then I’ll think about the 3D. The reality is that if you start by learning to use Buildling Information Modeling, as you build your models, you will also be creating your drawings….

  • Architect Special Interest Group March 2016 (am)

    Topics covered: Using a worksheet to control title blocks Drawing numbering philosophy Worksheets to control title block and drawing labels Reflected ceiling plans Creating a door symbol Section viewport Hatches

  • Drawing and Detailing – 1

    We need to draw details to communicate to others how the project is built, how the materials join, how they are fixed together, and how we keep the water out. Water may not seem much of a problem, but if you have lived in a country where they have had…

  • Vectorworks Tip 392 – Copy Linked Viewports

    After you have created your linked viewports with the detail callout and with the detail reference, you can then copy and paste these objects onto other sections or elevations, and the links to the viewport will remain. This allows you to link several detail references or detail callouts to the same…

  • Vectorworks Tip 391 – Measuring Existing Buildings

    Measuring existing buildings there are several ways that you can use to measure an existing building. You can use an old-fashioned tape measure, laser measuring device, laser devices that are connected to your iPad, plus a range of apps that you can use on your tablet or phone. Since there…