• Landmark Special Interest Group July 2019

    In this session, we covered how to make low resolution versions of plant image props so that your project files don’t get too big. We also went over how to make plant images more transparent so that they don’t distract from your proposed design and looked at where to go…

  • Landmark Special Interest Group June 2019

    In this session, we demonstrated how to build an organic pond and add a water surface, how to construct a footpath that sits on your site model, including adjusting the footpath’s slope, and how to turn the water into a 3D volume so that you can calculate its volume.

  • Landmark Special Interest Group May 2019

    In this session, we covered using the Railing/Fence tool, working with fence symbols, adding a Master Snap Point to symbols, employing the Send to Surface command with symbols, and modifying fence symbols more easily with the Move by Points tool, as well as setting up detail tools and a detail…

  • Landmark Special Interest Group April 2019

    In this session, we looked at making an accessible part through a site and we looked at constructing a curved retaining wall.

  • Landscape Special Interest Group February 2019

    In this session, we discussed building a structure that you want to reuse, such as a wood shed, turning the structure into a symbol and importing that symbol into another file; we also covered using the Renderworks Camera—including turning a camera view into a viewport—and using the Clip Cube for…

  • Landscape Special Interest Group January 2019

    In this session, we talked about the effect of slope on the number of your plants and their spacing, showed how to add and remove labels with the Reshape tool, showed the Swale/Berm tool that comes with the new Surface Sculpting set, covered adding plant labels in the Annotation window…

  • Landscape Special Interest Group December 2018

    In this session, we talked about using and editing preformatted reports, how Vectorworks 2019 uses object styles for plants, and working with plant records in the new Plant Database.

  • Landscape Special Interest Group October 2018

    In this session, we looked at what is new with plants in Vectorworks 2019 and how to do a cut and fill calculation for just a portion of a site model.

  • Landscape Special Interest Group September 2018 (pm)

    In this session, we discussed about moving from AutoCAD to Vectorworks, looking at Vectorworks facilitates moving from 2D objects to 3D constructions. We modified a Landscape Area, a low garden wall, and plant objects to demonstrate this concept.