• epodcast196 – Door With Custom Height Sidelight

    If you are using Windoor, you can use the vertical divisions to create a full height door with ½ height sidelight next it. With the standard Vectorworks doors and windows you can’t create this object using the same technique, but there is a way to do it. create the door and…

  • epodcast195 – Keeping Viewports Rendered

    When you open a file, you sometimes find that all the viewports need updating. This can be frustrating and time consuming. There are a few things you can try. You can enable the Viewport Cache or you can convert the viewports to bitmaps.

  • epodcast194 – Interactively Scaling a Viewport By Dragging

    You can’t change the scale of the viewport by interactively scaling it (using the selection tool  to drag the corner).  But you are allowed to do this to a group. If you make the viewport into a group, then you can  and interactively scale it.

  • epodcast193 – Plants and Row Spacing

    Vectorworks 2017 introduced a change to the plant spacing. in the past your plant spacing was a specific number and that was it. Now, plant spacing can be a specific number or it can be “Best Fit.” The idea of best fit is that Vectorworks will try to put as…

  • epodcast192 – Custom Door Leaves

    Vectorworks has the ability to create custom leaves for a door. You can use this to create any door shape that you want. The only thing to look out for is that the door leaf has to be a 3D Symbol. The 3D objects have to be simple (extrusions, add…

  • epodcast191 – Story Levels With Symbols

    This is a new technique in Vectorworks 2017. You can use a level to control the insertion point of a symbol. In this example I have a symbol for a power outlet with a 3D component. If you create a level for this symbol, you can set the height of…

  • epodcast190 – Creating a Pivot Door

    A client asked me if it was possible to create a specific pivot door. If you have Windoor it is easy, there is a door type for that, but if you are using the Standard Vectorwoks door, you have to help it to create what you want.

  • epodcast189 – Creating a Barn Roof

    A client asked me if it was possible to create a barn roof that had more than one slope. It’s possible, and there is more than one way to achieve it.

  • epodcast 188 – Installing Large Library Content with Vectorworks 2014

    With Vectorworks 2014 that has been a change to the way that large content libraries are installed. There are now so many libraries to be installed that they no longer fit on the DVD, but they are all available after you have installed Vectorworks from the Vectorworks website.

  • epodcast 187 – Keyboard Shortcuts to the Object Info palette

    Some users like to use keyboard shortcuts to access parts of Vectorworks. I recently found out that you can change the panes on the Object Info palette by using keyboard shortcuts.  I have noticed recently that I have been using the data pane a lot more often, so it is quite…